A GRAND DAY OUTWe all Know about the way messages get passed in remote parts of the world, more commonly known as the Bush Telegraph, well her in North Shropshire we have reinvented this form of communication and named it BUS TELEGRAPH — corny or what but what the dickens…. “corny r us”

Nellie Wiggins  who is not the most sturdy member of the human race and  has more years under her belt than HRH, called the booking line very early one morning.

She was locked in her house.  Could not make the doors budge – no how – no way

We think that this spell of baking weather had altered the doors and surrounding woodwork of her ancient country cottage and not being an Olympic weight lifter, Nellie was stuck inside

The landlords,  the local estate office was closed and we were unable to find any emergency call out number and so not being too comfortable with an elderly lady being unable to get outside we started to  think of calling around other member. Bare in mind it’s not yet 7 am and the first cuppa of the new day isn’t yet finished so it took a few moments for us to remember that Mabel lived next to the estate office

A call to Mabel soon revealed that Tom the estate repair man was just leaving his repair shed so Mabel, still in her nightie, scampered after him  – which probably made a wondrous sight down the lanes of Greater Sprocket in the Marsh and  anyway should Tom be so lucky — but moving on!!!

Within moments he was on his way to rescue our damsel in distress and by the time the bus arrived  to check on Nellie he had released her from her  weather imposed incarceration.

Can any one see the big bus companies having the capacity to handle that one

(Names changed to protect the sensibilities of the GDPR  hit squad)