A salutory tale of a poor experience at Manchester airport

I was unfortunate enough as to be the poor sap who had to pick some holiday makes up from Manchester airport Accordingly I thought to write to the management  because I have never been  anywhere that made me feel less welcome or gave so little help following a situation that was not of my making

I said

I don’t know who is responsible for making aeroplanes late, be it the pilots, the airlines or yours.

All I do know is it wasn’t mine. Before leaving base we looked on the internet and deliberately arrived late because of the potential delay fully expecting to see our “fares” ready and waiting and all we got was hassle  from your staff

There are places for taxis for buses and for coaches but none for the mini coaches which were put to considerable inconvenience because you lot in the airport industry cannot organise the proverbial drunken party in the brewery

I was not allowed to leave my bus even to organise my people so arranging  for someone to cover for me I ventured into the terminal and all I can say it was worse than Primark in the sales  People were wandering around like herds of sheep with no help or guidance  and no evidence of staff to help them.

If a terrorist had been there he would have had carte blanche and a field day

So quickly I rounded up my people and got away with as much haste as possible, never wishing to repeat the experience

I just wish you people could do your job properly, because if I was as bad as you I would be out of business I will post this on our social media sites and let the people of Shropshire know what a poorly managed and uncaring airport you run

It was almost as though the passengers were a necessary evil with which you had to contend